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Hi, This is something I wrote for guyz on girls, keep in mind im only 1 girl so everything is true about me but maybe not other girls!

Most girls expect you guyz to know all of this.

When your girlfriend looks into your eyes really hard and just sits/stands and dosent want you to move, she usally wants a kiss or hug.

Girls wont usally tell guys they like them, they expect the guyz to figure it out!!!

Number one rule (in my mind): If you like a girl and you dont know if she likes you back ASK!!! And if you barly know her or are scarred get a friend to! Thats the thing I dont always like about guys, they are chicken!!!

Girls love stuffed animals and chocklate!!! (unless otherwise noted)

If you have a girlfriend who can be herself even when eating, thats really good. I cant even do that!

Most girls like things they can wear from guys (not me!) like jeulry.

**If you know me then here are some things wrong with my EXs:

Patrick- Well... I asked him to choose between me and Drugs and he didnt choose me...


Chase- Ahh the kisses were great but I wont go THAT FAR!

Pat- I wanted Presents and more of your TIME... You never seemed to have time for me!

Michael- ...Broke up with me cause my friend broke up with his friend... kinda weird...

David- This is all i got from that relationship..." ". Yes thats right NOTHING! He went out with me cause my friend dared him to.

Justin Centre (aka. my 4th grade lover)- Dont ever tell your GF that you meet a sweet girl online, Idiot!