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If you didnt notice, there is a new random (well by the milisecond) song thing on my site. Ive only tested it with IE, so if you dont use IE, you are not garrentied this will work for you, and btw, BE NORMAL AND USE IE, THIS IS AWESOME!

THIS IS ALL THANKS TO GEORGE AND JAY! I made them wanta kill me alot i bet, but they still did it, THANKS SO MUCH!

Ok what happens is that earthquake i have has been intertwined with my song, because i wnated to have just a random song and i relized that if you got a level 10 earthquake, a really slow song wouldnt sound verry right, so i decided to intertwine them, there are 3 songs per blast, so 30 songs in all, and the magnitude of the quake effects what song, here is a full list of all the songs, magnitudes and artists.

Magnitude. Song. Artist.
1. Blues Clues. Steve and Blue.
1. If your not the One. Daniel Bedingfield.
1. Emotionless. Good Charlotte.
2. One Of these Days. FFH.
2. Time of your life. Greenday.
2. Fly Away. FFH.
3. Seasons. Good Charlotte.
3. Caroons. Chris Rice.
3. Pulling Teeth. Greenday.
4. Festival Song. Good Charlotte.
4. The Other of the radio. Chris Rice.
4. Wondering. Good Charlotte.
5. Grow Up. Simple Plan.
5. My old Man. Good Charlotte.
5. Motivation Proclamation. Good Charlotte.
6. Welcome to Paridise. Greenday.
6. Do you have the time. Greenday.
6. The Day that I die. Good Charlotte.
7. 99 Red Ballons. GoldFinger.
7. Waldorf Worldwide. Good Charlotte.
7. My Christmas List. Simple Plan.
8. Riot Girl. Good Charlotte.
8. Young and Hopeless. Good Charlotte.
8. Im just a kid. Simple Plan.
9. Walk By. Good Charlotte.
9. My Bloody Valentine. Good Charlotte.
9. The Anthem. Good Charlotte.
10. Little Things. Good Charlotte.
10. Fat Lip. Sum41.
10. My Way. Limp Bisket.

Just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont refresh the page more than 3 times... or you will run out my bandwidth and NO SONGS!

The point of this was to get more of a varity of songs, insted of the SAME ONE OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

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