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All of the full fleged freaks! "uS fReAkS" is my clique and you ahve to be "Doubed" To be a freak, there is a ceramony and all, LOL
The ones with boxes are links to their own page cause I have over 3 good pics of them!
Name- age- random- AIM sn- # of GOOD pics I have

Jay- 13- Computer Nerd!- emoticonmon- 6

Rachel- 13- Randomtopicness- fhorngirl2003- 11

Vincent- 13- RUN AWAY! FAR FAR AWAY!- clarinetman1007- 7

Danielle- 14- Lil' Author- fairybasford89- 5

Caroline- 13- boy crazy- super bandnerd08- 4

Zane- 13- WEIRD!- zaneisdabomb- 2

Travis- 13- Vidiogame obsesser (Not Doubed yet)- ss2gohan4536- 1

Andrew- 13 or 14- The kid whos never there :'( (Not Doubed yet)- NA- 3

Jakkie- 13- floutist (Not Doubed yet)- N/A- 2

Alyssa- 13- TMI, WAY WAY WAY TMI (Not Doubed yet)- NoCoRnFoRyOu- 2

Megan- 13- Weird person...- I forgot...- 1

Carter- 11!- LITTLE CUTE KID (Not Doubed yet)- N/A- 2

Damien- Not 1 yet- YAY FOR DAMIEN!!!- N/A- (In most of mine)

fReAk FeStS

FrEaK fEsT #1- OcToBeR 18 2003

gRoUp PiCs

Rachel and me talking to Cheshil/Tim/John on the phone

Andrew and me at KASC, both for Science


Chili cookoff... Vince is kinda cute there...

Poor Cole... (the Pole)

Poor Cole... (the Pole)

AHHHH! I was laying there and he did that, Pic by Dan

Ya..., Pic by Dan

LOL! Pic by my brother

Pic by Dan or my brother... i dont know which...

I didnt want to walk so vince picked me up, first like carring a bride, then he told me to get on his back, so i did. Pic by Dan

After Crud wars... Ok we are coved in Soap, Flour, Beans, More flour, Crisco in our hair, Dog food, Spam and Cherios. Yeah... We had FUN! Pic by Sean.