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My friends that arnt in my clique.
Name- age- random- AIM sn- # of pics

God- Verry old...- My lord- N/A- In every picture

Kyle "Witty"- 14- Crazy Kid- sO ur point- 3

Kristen- 13 or 14- First Chair Clarinet- N/A- 1

Pat- 14- GEEK!/TECHIE!- flightlineguy334- 1

Hannah- 13 or 14- In my Science class- N/A- 1

Emily- 14- Cheerleader, perfect girl!- cuteascanbe533- 1

Jakkie- 14- Good at Putting makeup on me- N/A- 1

George- 15- My internet Friend (through friends)- Murray65536- 6

Aaron- 17- Kevin's (my cousin's) friend- aceextreme- 1

Craig- 15- HES SINGLE!!!- Phone: 281-655-7323- 3

Jessie- 17- WEIRDO!!!- OdEvIlAnGeL420- Phone: 832 422 9429- 3

Brandon- 12?- HA! I PUT IT ON!- Trucker Boy 3000- 1

Josh- 13?- Hes SOOOOOO MEAN!- N/A- 1

Group Pics

Ya... self explanatory... (Kevin and Craig)

Oops I forgot their names... These little kids live across the runway

Cory, Kelsey, Jordan

Jessie and Emily

Imagen and Tracy

Tracy and Kristen

Tracy and Sarah

Brittny, Julie, Alison, and Audrey

Alison and Audrey