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A Mermorial to Algernon

He was always my favorite furry friend...
and now he is gone forever...
So many people thought he was icky or gross but I still loved him no mater what.
Cheshil gave him his prized name, Algernon.
I will remember him forever...
Goodbye Algernon, I hope you made it to heaven...
I will miss and love you forever...

He was so photogenic...

He was a Curious little mouse

He had Red eyes

Always Curious

In the Exersize Ball


April 13, 2004

I went in my room while getting ready for school, and was going to feed Algernon. I opened his cage and he was laying my his bowl, and it was full of hay. He is usally in his house in the mornings. I picked up his bowl and dumped out the hay nad he still layed there. Thats when I knew something wasent right. I put food in the bowl and then picked his water-shroom up. The shroom was full of hay also, so he couldnt have gotten water. I ran in the bathroom and as fast as I could i cleaned it out and filled it with cool water. I went back in my room and Algernon still hadent moved. I picked him up and he was limp, he wouldnt move. He only blinked at me, one eye at a time. I got a sunflower seed and cracked it open and tried to feed him but he wouldnt bite it. He was verry skinny and light. I didnt realize I forgot to fill his bowl before i left for 4 days. I held him close and said "Algernon, Please dont die, PLEASE!" But I couldnt stay, It was time for me to leave and catch the bus. I got to the bus stop and imidiatly called my dad and told him. He said he would try to help him when he got home for lunch.

I started crying. When I got on the bus the guys were making fun of me and the girls were getting mad at all of them. When I got to school Caroline made me feal a little better and told me that it would be ok. I got alot of kids in troble for making fun of me cause I wasent in the mood to put up with it, i was really sad. In band class, when we played the second movement of West Highlands, I thought of words to go along with it, About Algernon. I was going to help him as soon as I got home, I had planned to grind up his food in the blender with water and feed it to him with an eyedropper (Rachels idea) I was too late. While I was on the bus my cell phone was ringing with a new voicemail. When I got off the bus I checked it and it was my dad, he told me to call him before i got home. I knew something was up. I called him and he said "When I got home for lunch, Algernon was already dead in his cage" and I was like "NO! He just cant move, wasent he blinking?!?!" "No, I checked him, hes stiff and on his side. Well talk about it when I get home, bye" I ran home and checked him... It was true... I ran to my computer and got online, I was crying again. Kyle asked me what happened first, Then i told other people.

aLiEnInDaToiLeT: hows algernon?
hYpEr MiCe: he died while i was at school
aLiEnInDaToiLeT: OMG :'(
aLiEnInDaToiLeT: im soo sorry!!

hYpEr MiCe: Algernon died today
ChuCaDuC: *Gasp*
ChuCaDuC: i'm sorry...

hYpEr MiCe: algernon died today
iBaklava: ..who?
hYpEr MiCe: my mouse
iBaklava: awwwww

hYpEr MiCe: algernon died...
Murray65536: :'(
Murray65536: poor mouse...(quoth alisa)

super bandnerd08: hows algernon?
hYpEr MiCe: he died while we were at school
super bandnerd08: oh im so sorry ricky
super bandnerd08: are you ok??
hYpEr MiCe: yeah
super bandnerd08: alright

Then I started finding pics of crosses.

Then I started making this Mermorial.

Goodbye Algernon, I hope you made it to heaven...
I will miss and love you forever...