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The Many Faces of Me

Old pics of me... Some when I had HAIR!

When I was a 7th Grader. Webcam Timer

When I was a 7th Grader, Flipping my hair back. Webcam Timer

Still a 7th Grader. Pic by my dad

When I started relizing I am a freak! Im wearing: Overalls, Pants, a Skirt, a Shirt, and undergarments. Pic by Timer

In my room with my hair wet, Pic by Nina

At The Park, Pic by Alyssa (my cousin)

Getting my Hiar Highlighted, Pic by Gary?

Highlighted, Pic by Gary?

Wow... That used to actally LOOK like ME. Jaques is in that pic, YAY!, Pic by Kristin

Jay was pulling me after school, Pic by Kert

I was tyred, you can see that my hair used to be 2 different colors there, Pic by Vince

Jay and I at a Football game, Pic by Caroline?

When I cut my hair the First time (this was the first pic), Pic by Nina


Listening to Craigs CD player, Pic by Craig

Listening to Craigs CD player, Pic by Craig

On the Bus to/from Galveston for Band. Pic by Kyle

I like this one, It was at my moms baby shower, we played a game with clothes pins and Rachel put the leftovers in my hair. Pic by Rachel

I was MAD in this pic, this guy took my camera and wouldnt give it back at KASC and he took a picture of me. Pic by a weird idiot guy.

This is how i look almost always... On the computer... Pic by Zachary

I was wearing makeup, which i almost never do. Pic by Edgard

In DTP we were walking around the school, taking pics with the schools camera and Jay took a pic of me with mine, The hoodie is Rachels. Pic by Jay

Me tring to get the Flaming poptarts (by Rachel) out, Pic by Rachel

HAHAHA! Thats a good pic of me laughing! Pic by Edgard