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Shes a 8th grader, but really cool and my best friend.
These pictures are approved and ordered from best to worst by her, and the quotes, she wrote.

She looks better with her hair straight and down

On the bus comming back from Galveston

BINKIES! Pic by my brother

Looking in the microwave waiting for her chili dogs to cook

Making Peopopoly

She burnt poptarts in the toaster at my house, IT WAS SO FUNNY

Reading a book in Science Club

At the skating rink, Wearing DAMIEN!

On MY sofa looking at MY fishtank.

Eating a hotpocket

Evil and wearing MY clothes!

Rachels Quotes

"Dont encourage me..."

"You have not experienced wisdom until you have sat at the feet of the pig."

"I used to have a cow...b-but I got so HUNGRY!!!"

"The little people in my head say I'm special...but what else is new??"

"Who needs friends when I have.....PICKLES!"

"Don't worry, I'm laughing AT you not WITH you"

My little convo with Rachel:
"Rachel im sorry but next year I wont talk to you much"
"Your gonna forget about me???"
"Not forgotten Rachel... Shunned"
*Both burst out laughing*
BTW I was joking