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Relatives, Moms side

My aunts/uncles/grandparents/ece.
Name- Relation- Random- # of Pics (4 for a page)

Alyssa- Cousin- Little Acrobat- 5

Breana- Cousin- Little Genieis- 1

Amber(Bic)- Aunt, Bre and Lissas Mom- Guy Crazy- 1

Nana- Grandma- Un-cleaning worthy- 3

Papa- Grandpa- Chocolate eater- 2

Ashley- Cousin; Wendy and James' Daughter- I dont see her often but shes cool!- 1

Wendy- Moms sister; Aunt- Shes really good at decorating- 1

James- Wendy's husband; Uncle- hes verry church-going- 1