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An old building near my moms house

A flower at Danielle 2's house

My Irises when they were bloomed

Some flowers

Forest- Cottege Gardens

Trees at school (from roof)

Can you find all the doe?

Trees in a Neiborhood My mom and Gary are thinking about moving into

Circle house


Kool House on the lake


Moving yet another trailor out... Its gonna go empty soon...

The little Park

The road

A sign.

Another sign.

Wow. Another sign.


Only in Texas

Only in Texas

A tree that was taken down from my sisters daycare

Weather Station for Science club, You better be glad you get to see this pic, it caused me a week of headakes... Its on my schools roof and the roof happens to be floresent white and i went to take this pic in between classes (With Mr. Hillman) and i had to keep my eyes open to take the pic... IT HURT BADLY!!!

That weed is 6 feet tall...

A welcome Sign

A welcome tower