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My Poor 8 Ball

Rachel was at my house and we were bored and I said, "I wonder whatís in an 8 ball" and she said "Lets find out" and I said "OK!" Then I asked the ball it was going to die and it said yes and I asked if it would like it and it said yes, LOL!
Well first, we went outside and I threw it down on the concrete, then I kicked it, then she thru it, ECT. It eventually cracked and THATS HARD FRIKIN PLASTIC It took a LONG time to break the shell off the inside part That was the hardest thing to do We ended up getting out a screw driver and were prying it open, It didnt work that well, so I took the ball and Rubbed it on the concrete really hard and fast It got really warm and it also was getting thinner, It was easier to break with the screw driver

Eventually, after an hour we got the shell (skin) off. Then we were left with the inside (stomach). The hardest thing about that was not hurting the die ball. First I took the screws off the top. Then we got all the methane blue (I think thatís what it was) out (in the puddle!) Then we were left with a hard plastic container containing a die ball (heart) we couldnít hurt the heart so it made it hard. We rubbed the edge on the concrete and it eventually got a hole in it. Then I stuck the screw driver in and pushed hard on the bottom, it made dents. Then I made a hole in the other side, and then I touched the heart! I realized it was really really soft plastic, unlike the rest. After a LONG time I pulled on the ball and it split in half! I pulled more and I saw that it came apart, and bent, so I pulled it out of the little opening Afterwards I asked the die if it liked being a die rather than a ball and it said "Without a doubt" LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL, My ball likes being a die...