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All Region

is where a TON of kids on each insterment go and play in front of judges and they pick the top 6 in each room usally. Caroline- FH, Rachel- FH, Madie- FH, Pagie- FH, Kyle- AltoSax, Resa- AltoSax, Stephen- Trumpet, Erin- Clerinet, and Colton- BariSax Made region from our school.
Brass and percussion tryouts were at your school, and some woodwind players helped out (for free food!) and we had free time while they were trying out,
I of corse took Pictures!

I forgot what this game is called but its REALLY weird.. I think Nathen made it up!

Consession Stand

Brandon Wait, I like french because of him

Starting Phase II


Same people, different order, LOL

Kyle and Caroline!

(bad pic) Kelsy and Mattie

Jakkie and Kristen

Results (AHH!)

Results again (AHH!)