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Biancas Birth

Bianca (my sister) was born on March 7, 2004. She weighed 7 pounds, 3 ounces.

My Mom's Quotes Durring her 48 hours of Labor

March 5:
8:23pm "**** breathing I NEED DRUGS!"

GARY: 8:24pm "Im gonna need a margarita before this is over"


GARY: 8:33pm "Im gonna need a margarita before this is over"

8:50pm "Oh god...oh god...oh man...oh god..." ece.

March 6:
1:30pm To gary "The baby coming out feals like squezing a watermelon out your a**"

March 7:
1:15am "Come on Rachel, its 1 o'clock and I think we need to go to the Hospital" "Ok Im coming *Jump* OW!!! THE MOVEMENT! OWW!!!"

3:10am "The contractions are so strong when they are over I feal like im high" Nurse: "Thats because I put the Drugs in your IV already" "Oh, HAHAHA"

GARY: 2:53am "Im gonna need a margarita before this is over"

3:15am "Wow, this is way better than a margarita. I cant stop laughing"

3:17am "I feal like *murmur*"

3:21am "I dont care where I am... I feal like im in a 5 Star hotel!"

3:22am "Ill tell you what, I dont feal the contractions, I dont feal nothin'"

3:28am "What drug is this?" Nurse: "Staydol" "This is better than Demeral!"

3:29am "It makes me itch"

3:33am "Owwwohhh my butt hurts! Her butt is coming through mine!"

3:34am "I was thinking and...and..." Me: "You can think?" "No... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA"

3:37am "My brain is working just in slow motion, I can see multiple images, you know what im talking about?" Me: "Uh... No" "Oh well... Im seeing multiple images of you..." (Note: She had her eyes Closed)

3:38am "I forgot what I was gonna..."

3:40am Nurse: "Yeah, I think your water is broken" "I didnt feal it"