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Christmas Presents

YAY!!! I have a Video (no sound) clip of my dancing hamster, ask me for it!

I got MY CAMERA (yes that one!) and THE SIMS SUPERSTAR!!! P.J's and glitter lamp and a DANCE MAKER (DDR, small home version) and A DANCING HAMSTEr!!!(the science one) And and and a MOUSE MICRO PET!!! And CANDY and LOTS AND LOTS OF PUZZLES (over 7,000 peices!) And i also got a clock that the time shows on the wall and some pants (i will never wear) and Timmy (my little cousin) got me 2 shirts. A green one and a white one. I got some bath stuff (watermellon!) and some bath fizz things. I got some more bath stuff from my nana. I got a GC/Eve 6/Goldfinger/David from simple plan autograph thing (YAY!!!!!!!!!!) I got a night light and some hole puch things. I got a french poster and a french mug and a bungee keychain. I got a book light and a The DVD, Finding NEMO. (My dad also got a DVD player, YAY) I also got nailpolish things that are like pens (you can DRAW!) and a manicure set. I HAD FUN!

I already had Nip (Left) but Nacho (Right) was afraid to take a pic alone. These are micro, voice activated pets!

Paris poster and little ceramic thingy (Bottom)

The best part, CANDY

Pants I will proablly never wear

What Timmy gave me, I will wear the green one, the white most likely not!

I picked this out, Isnt that SAD? From my grandma.

Presents from Wendy (My Aunt)



Girly things! Manicure set and drawing nailpolish stuff


A clock the shows the time on the wall (Laser)

CAMERA BOX, what you think I can take a pic of the camera?