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Seaworld Page 1

I went to Seaworld, San antonio Saterday, May 29, 2004 and Sunday, May 30, 2004. On sunday all I did was Ride the "Steel Eel" 9 Times in a row... We got the VIP tour and went to all the shows, and OF CORSE I didnt put the camera down the whole time! I did bring an exesive amout of batteries, only like 6, so I was kinda worried I would run out of power so at first I kept turning my camera on and off but that got annoying so I turned off the Flash and LSD and I used my viewfinder for the first time ever! It was kinda odd not being able to know exactly what the pictures I took looked like. I actally took 365 pictures but I ended up with 265 after editing. Which is still WAY TOO MANY, LOL. My favorite show was VIVA, that one was kinda weird and my favorite thing to photograph was definatly the dolphins!

In Fools with tools, the mime guy was there when everyone was getting there and waiting for the show to start. First he motioned for an old lady and her husband to stand up for a picture, then he shook his head and walked them ove to in frount of the water (background) and he shook his head and looked at a kid in frount of me and motioned for them to come foward but they said no and so me motioned for my brother to come, so he went up there and the mime was going to take the picture and shook his head and got another boy up there, then he shook his head and sent the lady back to er seat and got a young lady to stand in the picture, then he shook his head and pulled the old man over to him and handed him the camaera and went to stand in the picture with the young lady and my brother and another kid, so the man took the picture and everyone went back to their seats, LOL.

I split up the 265 pics into 3 pages for quicker loading, 98 pictures on the first, 79 on the second, and 88 on the last. Because i was tring not to split events onto 2 pages and didnt want more than 100 pictures on a page, Shamoo actally goes first on page 2 but it was moved for the page break reasons.

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Waiting for TourGuide

FOOLS WITH TOOLS (Sea Otters, Seals)

The SeaOtter that tried to steal Zacharys cookie!





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