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Saterday, May 5, 2004 there was a tornado in Tomball, Texas. It did lots of damage but as to my knowlege, no one was hurt.

A house/office next to my moms work.

The roof is pealed up and the windows shattered (they put wood boards on them)

This is the side yard to that place

This is the continued view of the side yard, the roof is in a tree

A tree split down the mittle

My moms/garys work which is RIGHT next door and it luckaly didnt do any damage.

Fallen trees

Fallen trees

The S is torn off of Walgreens

The roof of the Walgreens pharmacy

Glass everywhere (For pics below)

The glass windows shattered out of this car

And this BANK, there was a Police: DO NOT CROSS line so i couldnt get closer.

Yet the other side is perfectly fine

Now getting into the flood (across the street from that broken building)

Down the street

Down the street again

And again

And i think this is a different street

A whole yard

More yards

The road

A field