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Brother- Zach

My brother Zachary is 8, and an annoying little pain. He loves yu-gi-oh and bionicles.
The names in "Quotes" he made up when i was taking the picture, he understands how i put the thing underneeth so he helps me...


Its the newest fad, Soap beer!

I rode his bike really far and he chaced me and then crawled back home cause his legs hurt

"The pigtailbuble"

My moms baby shower, we played a game with clothes pins and Zachary put the leftovers on himself, it looks like it hurts but he said it dosent! He looks like King Tut

"The Spindlebottom"

With his beloved gameboy

He had just taken liquid medicine

Yes, hes a dork... Thats Bre beside him (our cousin- Moms side)

"The Grim sweeper"

My brother being scarry

My brothers friend being scarry